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The Contexts of Preaching  
The Pastoral Context: The Life of the Pastor- Lecture 3 June 2013

Wynona Judd has had quite a ride in her forty-one years of life, and in her recent memoir – Coming Home to Myself – she reveals both the agonies and ecstasies of the journey. In a sense, Wynona has spent most of her life trying to find herself. It came together in her 2004 tour titled “Herstory: Scenes from a Lifetime.” Her record label decided to film a DVD of the two hour show and release it. She expressed the purpose of the night like this: “I’m going to celebrate what I am instead of being consumed with what I’m not. I’m going to show up and wait for God to walk through the room.” (read more)
The Congregational Context: The Shadow of a Listening People - Lecture 2 May 2013

The Cultural Context: Doing Kingdom Work in a Time of Change - Lecture 1 April 2013

Preaching Corner

Bloom Where You Are Planted - February 2013
Several years ago I read an autobiography/biography of Lloyd C. Douglas, started by him and completed by his daughters. Douglas served as a minister of several Lutheran churches and then several Congregational churches during the first half of the 20th century. His fame came from his books, particularly Magnificent Obsession, his first novel that became an immediate sensation, and then The Robe, that sold more than two million copies. In the autobiography/biography titled The Shape of Sunday, Douglas confessed that as a minister he always had an “Elsewhere Complex.” In every church where he served as pastor, he always longed to be somewhere else. He always wanted to be somewhere else than where he was. (read more)

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Leadership Center  

Mentors - January 2013
Leadership guru Ted Engstrom wrote in one of his books, “Most of what we learn happens at an informal, unconscious level. It follows that the way we ‘teach’ people is by letting them observe what needs to be done and how to do it as we go about our basic, everyday business of doing our job. A requirement of leadership is to train [educate] and a basic method of training is modeling.” He is talking about the process of mentoring. (read more)

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